Hi, I am Falak, aka Simply FalakSid. I am a wife and mama to two beautiful girls ages 5 and 3 year old. I initially started this blog back in 2016 to share my subscription box obsession, and gradually it turned out into a creative outlet along with paving way for “me-time”.  

I am also a beauty products junkie, a somewhat crafty mama, and a pretty decent cook if I must say so. ?

Have you ever come across anybody who’d Google literally everything? Even if it is a random candy? That’s me! I love reading and writing reviews of pretty much anything and everything and I love weaving motherhood into each thing I write about, because that is what started it all for me! 

Therefore, through Simply FalakSid, I aim to share my chaotic everyday life along with the pretty and not-so-pretty things about motherhood, all the while keeping it real and honest. 🙂


 Hope you stick around, thank you for stopping by!